Put your personnalité before everything else

To survive and grow, a brand needs an image that is specific to it and that resembles it. It is obvious that the best thing to do to build a visual identity is to consult a graphic designer who will create a tailor-made universe for you.

However, when we launch our business or begin a new project, our budget does not necessarily allow us to do so. So we naturally lean towards less expensive solutions, such as creating your own visual identity yourself. Superb idea! But how to do it ?

Solutions like Canva are emerging, with a fairly limited choice of templates that everyone uses. Then comes the alternative of paid templates. Much more personal than default templates and significantly below the price of a professional. But how to choose it? Beyond its appearance, is it really suitable for what you are looking for? Is it done by a professional?

The template is a wonderful solution for any project start with a small budget. It allows you to get started according to the rules of the art, but you must keep in mind that it must remain a temporary solution. The only big problem is that today, even the slightest person with a technical base in graphic design can sell templates.

From this observation My-Template.com was born. A site created and maintained by experienced graphic designers and artistic directors. It lists as many templates as possible from experienced creators, on all template sales sites. You will therefore only find professional creations, to be personalized according to your project.