What tools to personalize your template?

It has been growing at breakneck speed since the 2010s: The graphic design market for everyone offers new solutions every day to make users' lives easier. Here is a regularly updated directory of the best solutions to start managing your image.

The leader : Canva

Established since 2010, Canva has established itself as a juggernaut in the graphic design market for everyone. Its intuitiveness will allow you to personalize your templates from A to Z with disconcerting simplicity. Canva is freemium online software (free base with paid features). The “Pro” version will give you access to video features, a much wider choice of assets, and will allow you even more in-depth customization of your visuals.
Canva is available from your browser, or from your smartphone with the Canva application (IOS and Android).


Intuitive and professional: Adobe Express

Adobe is a reference in the world of graphic design, particularly among professionals. At the origin of a large part of creative software (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect, etc.), Adobe has taken a further step towards accessibility with Adobe Express. With a simple interface and intuitive features, the company competes with Canva in its market. Suitable for amateurs and communication professionals alike, Adobe offers a freemium solution with access from your browser or your smartphone with the Adobe Express application (IOS and Android).

The most complete manager: WordPress

WordPress is the essential choice when it comes to creating high-performance websites. You should know that in 2019, nearly 43% of websites published on the web were created with WordPress (according to W3Techs). With its versatility and thousands of themes and plugins, even beginners can build professional sites. Its SEO optimized construction offers a key advantage for the SEO of your site. WordPress can literally do everything, from a simple one-page site to a complex e-commerce site.

The extension that will change your life: Elementor

Elementor is the must have WordPress plugin. It’s a freemium solution that will allow you to build all of your pages with crazy ease. It is a complete and regularly updated extension (also for the free version). When creating a page, Elementor offers you a panel of “widgets” such as titles, images, carousels, buttons, forms, etc. All these elements will allow you to simply create a site that suits you.

The Elementor Pro's alternative: Royal Elementor Addons

It is complementary to Elementor, Royal Elementor Addon (REA) is an alternative to Elementor Pro. Also on a freemium basis, its paid part is more economical than that of Elementor. Where Elementor offers a subscription, REA offers you a single payment for life. Royal Ellementor Addon only needs the free part of Elementor to be functional.